The Start of It All: The Visa

Welcome to my adventures abroad! I’m still in the States right now, but I really just couldn’t resist starting with this. You see, I recently received my Visa application packet from IU and it’s…let’s say a little bit imposing. First of all, I had to create an account on some website and then fill in a bunch of information that doesn’t seem like it’s all that important. A lot of it was “when did you graduate?” or just basic info. Except it was ALL IN FRENCH. Granted, I speak french pretty well, but let’s just say that when directions that don’t makes sense are in English, it’s a little easier to puzzle out.

Anyway, I don’t really care about all that. However, I have to give them money. In the form of a “money order.” This is already an adventure for me ’cause I didn’t even know this thing existed. Haha not to complain, it’s all an adventure to me!

The biggest hurdle is really the trip to Chicago I’m going to have to take to get a visa at the French Consulate. Which isn’t where I live. Actually, that’s about three hours away on a good day. Except I’m going to be even farther south. Working at camp. So…that makes it all a little more complicated.

HOWEVER, I’m still pretty excited about it. If I need to learn how to take care of myself abroad, it’s probably better that this begin to happen at home. In English. My first language. Just wait ’till I get to France…and have to find an apartment and roommates in French.

Anyway, on a positive note, here’s a picture of “La Petite Venise” (Little Venice) in Colmar, France. It’s in Alscace (if you remember from world history that’s one of the two regions that flip-flopped back and forth between France and Germany). If you ever go to Colmar, take half an hour to just walk around. It’s gorgeous.


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