Skyzone and Productivity(?)

So my crazy (but awesome) brother made us all an itinerary of things to do yesterday. Us including my cousins who are visiting as kind of a last hurrah before I go abroad and one of them gets shipped off for military stuff. Anyway, he made an itinerary which, being a college student used to just winging it, was one of the most ridiculous things I’d ever heard. However, somehow we miraculously managed to do everything on it somewhat on time despite the fact that we started an hour late. There were two notable things from this day. One, I saw the Avengers for the first time (yes, and I also haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet. Also yes, I do live in a hole.) The second is Skyzone. At first though, we weren’t so sure about it ’cause there were so many small children there (birthday party?) but we ended up doing it (excellent decision).

Skyzone is a fairly simple idea that goes something like “let’s fill a warehouse full of trampolines and let kids play in it.” So yeah, like the whole floor is trampolines all ingeniously connected together so that your foot doesn’t magically disappear under the springs (has this happened to me before? Yes, yes it has). They also have a dodgeball court thing and a foam pit area that you can jump into. We flipped into that one (literally). The dodgeball court was a blast and eventually we got overtaken by small children and left for…less treacherous waters (not for us, but we might possibly have decked a few kids. I’m not confirming or denying, but it was a definite concern). On the whole, it was a ton of fun and I’m glad we went.

As for the “productivity” bit of this post, I wanted to show you how “productive” I’ve been this past week and a half or so. Here’s a picture.

To answer your questions, yes. I did make this. Yes, it is burned out in the center. And yes, that took like two hours and a lot of tears (literally, that smoke was killer) to make. It was fun though. All thanks to my Wilderness Survival class this year. Which was AWESOME. Here’s what we made in that class.


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