Adventures in Yonderland

A log of my adventures, both real and imagined.

The Simple Cool Stuff

I’m going to start off this post by explaining that my nalgene bottle strap broke yesterday. SO, today when we went hiking, I looked for a dead yellow poplar tree branch. I found one, stripped the bark and made a rope. I then attached the two ends of the nalgene cap together with it and put a caribeener on it to strap it to myself. It looks like this:

Really simple thing. Everyone LOVED it. Like, they were really impressed. I mean, I was pretty happy too, but it’s such a simple thing. All I did was twist some fiber together really.

I also learned another thing today. I’ve been trying to understand myself, like who I am and not who I think I am…if that makes any sense. But I got a good start on that today. We did a behavior test. It’s basically a personality test that focuses on your behavior and how you react and act around other people. Anyway, I learned a lot. Which is good, because I’ve begun to get lost in a tangle of selfness.

ANYHOW, it goes along with one of the passages we’re studying for this year’s bible curriculum. “Seek and you shall find.” In my Bible, my favorite line is “everyone who seeks, finds.” In my experience this has been true. Okay, maybe not finding your car keys or getting an “A” on an exam, but bigger general things. If you want a wife/husband, you’ll end up there. If you want to travel, you will. If you want to make a change, it’ll happen. They key is to keep knocking and keep trying. I’ll leave you all with this picture for today. Just a calm one.


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