Unexpected Adventures

Well, today was interesting. All the staff at my job and I went for a canoeing trip today on the White River. Just as some background, the White River runs through Indianapolis, so…not the cleanest river there. BUT, it’s better than others and on the whole not too bad.

ANYWAY, it all started with a bunch of, please excuse the term, rednecks. I guess they were coming down the river as some kind of weekend vacation, so they had tons of stuff. Like, there were at least three canoes devoted to carrying just things. And a lot of beer. Some of them may have already been pretty “happy”. We started at about 2. They were nice.

So we went on our leisurely way.

About an hour and a half in we came to some back-country type houses that line the river. A man came out and yelled at us that there was some debris down the river and to look out for it. Apparently a few canoes had already been lost. Ominous, but of all the things I learned in Boy Scouts, that’s probably the only thing I really LEARNED.

Well, almost two hours later and about 150 yards from the drop-off point, we hit the debris. Two of us were flat out ejected from the canoe. My partner and I were faced with a thick limb that slit, creating a triangle. We went through it. There was a brief moment when I thought I would have something broken because the gap was so narrow, but there was just enough space for us to lay flat and get under it.

At the end of it, we made it out only having lost a single canoe paddle and having some scratches.

Oh, and I walked the length of the longest historic covered bridge in America. Boom.


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