From the Diary of C.M. Pine

1 June, 2012

My name is Cedric M. Pine. I am an adventurer, or at least, I hope to be one. You see, I have been here at home, studying and working for my father and mother to help them and to learn the skills of an adventurer (No one was ever born with the ability to fly a plane that I ever heard of!). In any case, adventure can find even the most studious. Perhaps it is because of my study. I hadn’t considered that. Anyway, I don’t think it matters.

Today was my first day of cliff training. This included, of course, climbing and proper climbing technique, as well as repels, rescues and assists. My teacher, Mr. Aura, had taken us all through the basics of how to perform each of these tasks when we heard a cry. Looking around, we saw Ellen rushing towards us on the cliff. Behind her came half-a-dozen giant spiders. Where they came from, I can only guess, but we immediately saw our peril. Mr. Aura demanded that all of us scale down the cliff as quickly as possible and began repelling himself. Most of the other students began with little hesitation, but I stopped. To repel would, of course, leave Ellen beyond help and likely at the mercy of the giant spiders.

Being essentially on top of the cliff anyway, I decided to gain the solid ground of the top and help Ellen if I could. The spiders were running quickly towards her, but their gain on her was slow and she had a great enough lead that I though perhaps I could step in to save her. I yelled at her to come to me and she obeyed with the wild eyes of the desperate and fear-filled. In hardly a moment, she was to me. I didn’t bother to stop her momentum, but allowed her sprint to fling the two of us off the side of the cliff face.

We fell for only a moment and I managed to hang onto her and stop the force of our impact against the rock before it came to meet us. However, being spiders, I knew we had very little of free time to celebrate. I sent us down the ropes at such  dangerous speed that I feared either my hands would burn up or we should simply hit bottom at a free-fall. Just before the ground, I slammed down on the brake rope and, God be praised, the ropes held. From there we were quickly helped. The spiders, half-way down the cliff, gave up the fight in the face of so large a group and returned to their cursed abode, wherever that may be.

We are home and safe now, and they call me a hero. But I did only what I thought right. A hero and hardly the adventures begun. What will the future hold for me?


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