So I’m visiting Orlando, Florida for what I’m going to consider the second time, but what is really the third. I say this ’cause visits one and two are essentially the same to my mind and I was young enough (at least the first time) that this is acceptable. ANYWAY, it was awesome. I have to say that I’m glad we went as practical adults.

Harry Potter World. Awesome. Just amazing. It’s small, crowded and there isn’t too much there to do, but it really is just magical. I think it has a lot to do with how authentic it all looks. I mean, it’s like you aren’t just in a theme park in Florida, but you’re connected to that wonderful imaginary world. K. Off the soap-box. But really, if you haven’t gone (and you’ve seen the movies/read the books), then you should go. Even just for that. Totally worth it. Okay maybe. Souveniers were SUPER expensive. The official sweaters were like $80.

Cool things: We went on the Forbidden Journey ride twice because they had some tech difficulties half-way through the first time. I made it through alright the first time, but it got to me on round two and I covered my eyes for the rest of it. Yes, I am twenty years old. Yes, I can’t handle a ride that children go on too. I accepted that a LONG time ago. I could go more in-depth, but I’d probably bore most people with that.

Second cool thing was…MY BRO GOT PICKED TO GET A WAND FROM OLIVANDER!!! Coolest moment ever. He just walks down the stairs and right to him. SO COOL. Of course that wand has now been purchased. I went with McGonagle’s myself. It’s tight.

Oh and this might be a good time to inform you all that I LOVE dragons. And dinosaurs, I’m remembering. But especially dragons. God I love discovering my childhood again.

Yes, I am aware it’s not really that far off still. STILL COUNTS!! 😉


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