Kindness & Disney

Today I went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney. May I first say, it was awesome. The Peter Pan ride, for kids though it may (or may not) be, was awesome. There really is something truly special about being on something so simple and timeless. Just the story has been made from a play to a novel to many other adaptions.

ANYWAY, what I really wanted to say was an experience I had in the first twenty minutes of being in the park. I was with my family and we were debating about what to do about Space Mountain and this man came up. He got my attention (which I didn’t initally give in case he wasn’t talking to me. ‘Cause we all know that’s awkward). He asked me how many I had in my party, I said four and he said “here, these are fast-passes for this ride. We just rode it.” And so we took them, and rode the ride. And I just stopped. I mean, I love people. Maybe I’m in the minority of people, I don’t know. But I love people and (don’t want to be cliché but there’s not much I can do about it) that…light inside of them. Some people you can just see it. Most people you have to dig and chip and then sometimes you get just the briefest glimpse of it. But it’s always there.

ANYWAY (again), it was just interesting. And we were at Disney too. You know, the one thing that has always fascinated me about Disney is their innovation. That emphasis on doing what has never been done, what cannot be done and what was never thought of. Not just to push the label, or think outside the box, but to make an entirely new box or flip the box inside-out.

Wow. That was unrelated. Maybe…


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