Diary, C.M. Pine

June 8, 2012

Yesterday was certainly an adventure, though not nearly as active as our encounter with the spiders on the rock wall. No, this was an adventure of the mind and heart. I took a journey to the Hermit’s cave. I thought maybe it was time after saving Ellen from the spiders. It is certainly time I had some clarity. You see, I carry with me some ache I never knew existed before and I fear that I shall not be able to rid myself of it. How can I travel the world, dangerous as it is, with a chest ache? Who knows what ailment that might be. So with this thinking, I set out to find the Hermit.

The Hermit lives in a small cave on the side of Sheer Mountain. The climb and hike were challenging, but after taking the class on rock-climbing, I was well prepared. The cave was dark and of a strange gray-blue stone that didn’t see anywhere else in the area. I entered, flashlight in hand and proceeded down the cave.

I did not have far to go, as it turned out. After only a few dozen yards, I came to a large cavern within which sat the hermit. Gold carvings and statues surrounded the room. It was like one of King Soloman’s treasure rooms, filled with precious things beyond what I had cared to imagine before. And yet, despite all the finery around him, the Hermit sat by himself on a small island of bare rock.

I approached him and bowed, not sure what else to do. He nodded to me.

“Why are you surrounded by all this rich stuff?” I said.

“Young adventurer, you are allowed only a single question. Which would you like the answer to?”

I shut up and nodded. I asked him what I should do. What the ache was and how to fix it.

“Your friends are far away, and you ask me what you should do, Cedric?”


“Open your eyes. See your world. Live. And tell them you love them.”

I thanked him. Bowed, and left. It seems simple. And yet, somehow I think the answer to my first question would have been easier.


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