Diary, C.M. Pine

Yet another adventure has swung my way and despite the fact that I remain here on “safe” ground. Apparently a great river beast attacked the next town over to the school and now we have been flooded with refugees. Our teachers seem worried over the recent events as these sinister turns seem to occur with more frequency. However, all are agreed on one thing if nothing else: the children must be taken care of. Especially those of the injured.

So, the task of playing with the kids and distracting them from the loss of their homes has fallen to me and a few other of the more enthusiastic students. It is hard work, but shiningly fun. The children are lights barely shadowed by life and are a joy to see. Even in the older group, their inner child-like excitement is only a step past them and might still be uncovered with the right game.

Garrel, one of the older professors here, thought it best if we teach them something about the world as well. Perhaps this is the hardest of all, as even we are still searching after the truth of things. But we try anyway with what we do know and I am surprised pleasantly at how much I really do know.

Today the theme was trust. I turned to one of the children and asked, “Do you trust me?” And he said easily, without hesitation or reservation, “Yes, of course I trust you Cedric.” It surprised me. I have known this child but two days, and he would, I believe, trust me with his life. I think there is hope in the world. I am now more sure than ever of my choice to adventure. But the time is far from come yet. And now, there are children to attend to.


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