Diary, C.M. Pine

July, 10 2012

The Goblins have come in close to the school. We are unsure what to do. The children have been sent to Elder Hall and the rest of us are making plans for the defense of the school. It is frightening. And yet, exhilarating.

Strangely though, I find myself focused, untouched. I acknowledge my fears, my doubts, even my excitement. But I do not hold them. I am at peace. I feel as though, somehow I am ready for this. As though these creatures from the dark, of my childhood nightmares, have suddenly become less frightening. Less the shadow, less a threat, than an obstacle. We are called to the walls and I am off.


It is late. Very much so, but we have done it! We have beaten back the Goblins. I do now know how hurt they are, but this night is ours! They began their attack soon after the setting of the sun. Just when the children had fallen asleep. It is just like them, the nastly little things, to terrorize them when they are most vulnerable. Still, we were ready. The first line of defense was to simply pelt them with bows and crossbows. Then, they began to climb the walls. They lost about half their number before they made it to the battlements, but even then there were many more of them than us. Still, we fought with our swords, spears and axes. Eventually we cut their numbers in half again.

Then their leader came forth. I had the misfortune of meeting him on the battlefield. He wielded a massive broadsword and was nearly twice the height of the other Goblins. I met him with that strange peace instilled in my heart and began a battle that was, most assuredly, for my life. He swung with all the power of a blacksmith’s hammer and it rattled my hand in every case. I could hardly believe the force with which that creature could strike, nor the speed at which he swung his great weapon.

Still, I parried as best as I could and watched for an opening. It came quickly, to my relief and salvation. The Goblin cocked back his arm just a hair too far and I struck with my own, lighter sword more quickly than he could react to. In an instant, he was killed. His eyes rolled up in his head and he fell. With his death, the remaining Goblins dashed off in a panic over our low walls and back into the forest from whence they had come.

And now I sleep. Left with victory and a strange unease. I wonder what this “adventuring” has in store for me. What is to be my life?


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