Forward Motion

I listened to these songs while writing this post. Listen as you will.

Fourteen days. Fourteen days and I’m gone. It’s strange. I feel stuck almost. Like, I’m not quite ready to address the fact that I will be leaving for ten months, without person-to-person contact with almost any of my current friends, my family, everything I’ve known for my entire life. It’s not close enough yet. If I start thinking about it now, I’ll just freak myself out and burn out by the time it’s actually time to leave.

But, I also don’t know what else to do. Not enough time to waste my time reading a book (because I have to read one for my French pre-course. It’s Un Aller Simple, by Didier van Cauwelaert for those of you who are interested), or starting any kind of project. So that leaves friends, but with school starting up soon, everyone is doing what I am and planning like mad-men to see everyone. Which means it’s a bear to see anyone. So here’s me. Stuck, really.

But, today at least I’m writing, doing school things that need to get done. AND I got a haircut.

Small victories.

I love them. 🙂

And I love this song! It’s awesome!


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