Eleven days to go until I’m off for a different country. I’m still trying to limit my excitement so that I can sleep at night. Luckily, I’m not really that nervous. Like, I’m nervous for things that are going to happen, but not for the trip or the experience itself. The only thing I’m facing right now is really the fact that my friends are all going to be just hanging here while I’m abroad. However, I’m quite confident that I can deal with that.

Today, my brother and I are going to Ohio to visit family. Our beautiful, wonderful cousins, in fact. I’m excited to go and see them, but at the same time, I would almost rather stay here. I think that has a lot to do with the desire to hang around here in hopes of seeing more of my friends and perhaps also because I want to write, but I have resigned myself to my brother’s scheming and planning and now I am looking forward to it all.

In other news, I made a duck. Out of walnut. Someone I read online said that carving not-green walnut was like “carving concrete.” I did not have that experience, but looking back, I suppose those wood shavings were nearly microscopic. His name is Alan. I made him for my friend who is going to Cairo. He is small enough that it should be easy to get there and have a friend. Metaphorically and literally. She loves ducks. So…good bet there.

Rando update. Probs more suited for tumblr than here, but you know what? I like where I am better.


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