Pre-Departure Realizations

1) 99% of your life you spend reliant only upon yourself for motivation, emotional grounding and self-confidence. So you should never expect others to fill 75%. That said, that last 1% makes more difference than anyone on this earth could possibly imagine.

2) Of all the fears, worries and reservations that I probably should have at this point, I have only one that actually draws concern from me: leaving my best friends behind. Or in a different country, as the case may be.

3) One hour of sleep can be the difference between dead-tired and hyper-active (with some coffee of course).

4) I love my family. Truly and deeply. But, I am ready to be on my own.

5) I am ready to leave. For all my last-minute purchasing and packing. For me, I guess, all I need now is to say my goodbyes.

6) Women, and everything in regards to women, are impossible to understand.


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