Well my friends, the time is winding down. All my various “upkeep” appointments are done. The time for online shopping has more or less passed as the item might not get here in time (unless I want to pay for crazy fast shipping). By the end of today I will have pants (cleaned out my wardrobe leaving me a single pair of cargo pants, which I still hold are awesome. However, I am very likely making a large transition into a new part of my fashion life) and even some new shirts. Actually, I can’t decide which I’m more concerned for. Those choices I have left in the hands of my best friend and my mom. I do trust them.


Anyway, it seems just so weird that there is so little left to do. After a visa application requiring hours of prep and more thought than I really wanted, it just seems strange to have so little left.

  • Bank: called.
  • Required reading french book: Ha.
  • Talk with my boss to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with my life: done.
  • Friends: not quite done with them yet, thank God.

And now, it is time to leave you with a song for today.


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