Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks

I don’t have much time left in the good ol’ United States of America. Not much time left to see friends, no time left to order anything else I might need online (so let’s hope I got it all) and very little time to make a decision.

Honesty hour time.

I…well, SUCK at expressing my emotional experiences. I mean, apart from not understanding, refusing to understand and occaisionally not knowing how to verbalize what I’m feeling, I lock-down. Like, hardcore. Anyone remember Agent Cody Banks? That really awful/awesome movie from the early 2000’s starring Frankie Muniz AND Hilary Duff (dream team right there). Anyone remember how good ol’ Cody reacts to women? Yeah. That would be me, except I’m perfectly suave and okay until the subject of my emotions enter into the conversation. Then it’s pretty much the same thing.

And it sucks. Haha. I have today, one weekend and a Monday. The clocks are ticking, walls are closing and pretty sure I’m going to be left with “confusion that never stops.”

On, hopefully, a lighter note. I do have a party to go to. So that will be fun. One last “hurrah” before I hurrah my way to a foreign country. And in honor of the fact that I just learned how to play it on the guitar and that it is very rapidly becoming my theme song (and is definitly the theme of this post), here is “Clocks” by Coldplay:


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