Something Clever I’m Not in the Mood to Come Up With

I almost refuse to believe that I am leaving in so short a time now. It’s insane. All my major events are done. I went back to school for my last hurrah last night. Lots of fun and great to see friends I’m not going to see for so long. It is sad. Leaving. I can feel that I don’t really belong there. I mean, I’ve been prepping myself for France for so long that I’m not in that mindset. But my friends I will miss.

HOWEVER, I now have all the things I need to travel abroad. I even got a new RFID (radio frequency identification) wallet! Not that I care so much that it blocks radio detectors that can steal my credit card information (cause my credit cards are like my phone: simple) BUT this will be my first new wallet since the fourth grade. Yes. That is accurate, I know. Who in there right minds has the same wallet for ten years? This kid. Buy quality my friends. Buy quality.

Anyway, here’s my song for ya’ll. It’s a good one by an artist “Coeur de Pirate” which translates as “Pirate Heart” I believe.


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