The Adventure Begins

Well. I’m packed. I’m in the car. I’m just about gone. Gone on an adventure whose twists, turns and bounds are unknown. I’m not scared. I’m not nervous. I almost wish I could be going to a frightening place in order to sympathize with the people who are going there. Or even the people who live there.

But one thing I do know about this. Whatever the outcome. Whatever experiences I have, whatever struggles (or facilities) I face, this is right.

There are things and people I don’t want to leave here, I’ll be perfectly honest. But no adventurer ever left with all his family and friends all around him the whole time. He learned to make new friends, to engage in other ways of thinking and doing and to conquer fear. The fear of leaving, of failing, of letting oneself or others down. I’m flying to a new and exciting place, whatever might happen.

And I’m ready to face the adventure.

Français : Église Saint-Jean-de-Malte, Aix-en-...
Église Saint-Jean-de-Malte, Aix-en-Provence (France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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