Diary, C.M. Pine

August 22, 2012

The day has come. The day when the adventure truly begins. When the travel is over and I am where I have never been before.

The goblins were defeated and the town mostly rebuilt. I have been working very hard with both the refugees and with my studies. I have been working hard to try and prepare for whatever may await me here. Especially the language. I can speak it very well, but there is always a question. It is not, and never will be, my maternal language. Still, it is beautiful.

The children left weeks ago now and it seems like a distant dream. However, it is good that they are home once more. It took a fierce battle to give them back what they needed and hard-won. I was tired for weeks after they were gone it seems.

I can hardly think. My mind seems to skip across dates and places. I am distracted, perhaps even more so because I have arrived. The journey by winged horse went well. The Pegasuses were beautiful creatures, though a mite uncomfortable to ride upon for so long. Still, all in the name of adventure. I only wish not to sit down for a while…

I said goodbye to Ellen and Professor Garrel. I will miss them profusely. Especially Ellen, however I think she will be nearer rather than farther. She has been sent elsewhere to adventure. I only hope she does not encounter any more giant spiders, for I will not be there to help!

And my family. I already miss them. But I am here. And I am ready. Who knows what adventures or creatures I will come across in my days here. But come what may, I am ready. Yes. I. Am. Ready.


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