Day 1 and/or 2

I can’t even start to explain my adventures to all of you, but I’ll try. It’s harder for the remnants of my jet-lag and walking around litteraly all day. I will happily note that this will conclude my complaining for the remainder of the post.

SO. Flights.

Went well. Not really much crazy. Bags checked all the way through and all that. Not really any problems, actually (“en faite” in french. if you said “actuellement” you would have said “currently.” fun fact.). Most major hurdle: I left a rock in my pocket when I went through security and got rayed, so they knew. The guy said in this really bored, kind-of annoyed voice, “what do you have in your right pocket?” I responded, logically, “a rock.” and I pulled it out and showed him. He then gave me this look like “really? you really just have a rock in your pocket and you didn’t take it out?” I was just thinking “dude, I’m sorry. I was born in the 90’s…I though you just had to take the metal stuff out.” So he had to pat me down and be suspicious of the bunched fabric of my freshly-empty right pocket before I could go get my shoes. Haha. that poor guy.

Aside from all that, the flights were good. DID YOU KNOW, they wake you up an hour early for overseas flights so you can eat breakfast and hear for the next hour that you’re getting close? I just re-learned. And I think it’s hilarious. OH! Dinner was awesome. I flew on some kind of India-affiliated airline and so we had curry for dinner. CURRY! It was perfect. You can’t taste food as well on airplanes (scientific fact), so the hotter food was absolutely a perfect solution to combat.

One note on the travel to the hotel: we walked from the bus-stop to the hotel. It was about a half-mile. The only half-mile that ever felt as long as that one, is the lake trail at the camp I worked at (camp still wins). But, we made it. Into an “aparthotel” which is a combo between an apartement and a hotel. I am sharing a REALLY nice room with three other guys, which I must say brings down the awesomeness of the room (but only an intsy bit. especially cause I got there first so I got one of the two beds! the other guys are sleeping on the couch bed and the pull-out section from the couch, which is actually really cool).

Okay. That’s not even close to everything, but I’m tired. And hungry. And it’s time to do other things. More tomorrow! 🙂


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