The Day of Fatigue

I’m tired. Haha. It is a strange feeling. I mean, my body isn’t that tired, but we’ve just been doing so much. Overcoming jetlag, getting a French phone, bank account, apartment searching and lease signing, cleaning the apartment and the hotel room, and last night we all went out to the French bars. And that whole list only includes the events themselves. I must walk dozens of miles every day just to get from the place I am to the place I need to be and then back and then back again and then somewhere else.

So now I’m sitting with a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate. That is one nice thing. I can go out and just buy wine. Relax. Be classy. That’s pretty cool. And the wine’s cheap too. Being from the place it’s produced and having a LOT less taxes on it than in the US.

Anyway, update. Today we cleaned the apartment. Man was that an experience. There’s no way this thing has been cleaned since the last students moved out several months ago.

And some of it longer. Like the fan above the “stove.” Nightmares. Night. Mares.

Other than that, I had to buy food to last me until Monday because pretty much everything closes on Sunday here in France. Which, thinking about it, is kindof nice. Just a good time to sit and take a deep breath. Do a few things slowly that maybe we don’t think about. Like make dinner. Or read. Or find somewhere nice to sit. It would be nice with friends or family.

On a less calm note, we went to a bar called “the wohoo.” Yeah. That’s what it’s called. It’s very geared towards foreigners (especially americans right now). There’s even a flag from my home school there! It’s pretty awesome. Anyway, it was fun. The party thing isn’t my scene really, so it took some time to get into it, but it was fun certainly.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold. I’m going to “les gorge de Verdun.” Apparently there is swimming there. We’ll just have to see.


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