Today, or I guess it will be yesterday by the time I post this (yes still no internet chez moi), I had my first class of “le cours intensif.” It pretty much sounds like what it is. A crash course in French to the extent that we will be able to survive French university.

Yeah. Welcome to reality.

I feel so not ready for University. I never realized. I mean, I can speak almost fluent French (and after seven years of taking it, I definitely should), but this takes it a step farther. This class is not about understanding or speaking, it’s about being exact and accurate. I don’t think Americans really think about what that means exactly. It’s nothing for me to say, “In Washington D.C. the lobbyists call on the Senators to attempt to get friendly legislation passed.” But imagine trying to say that in a different language. I mean, just to be able to say it, you would have to know that vocabulary and then all the grammatical bits that go into it as well. It’s just crazy. I’m just shuddering ‘cause I want to take psych courses here. Ha. We’ll see how that goes!

In other news, an American girl from somewhere was walking to the University and asked me for directions to it…except that she thought I was French. Haha. She even asked me if I spoke English, to which I responded “oui, oui” ‘cause my mind is like literally split between French and English 24/24 (yeah, no 24/7s here in France apparently). And then she proceeded to try and explain what she wanted in France. I was really confused by that actually…cause I just said “yes” when asked if I could speak English. Haha. Oh dear. People. I love ‘em.


1)    I like wandering around and exploring by myself.

2)    I’m much better at doing everything but speaking French and much worse at speaking it than I thought.

3)    I miss having the ability to chat with people on my own time. To sit and take an hour or two to just sit and Facebook chat or something.

4)    I am going to have to learn how to buy food for myself.

5)    Honey bees are like the flies back home. Don’t know why, but they’re freaking everywhere…and I kinda love that.


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