Class, Cooking and the Bar

Yesterday was interesting…

I had class from 9-1 and then 2-4. And then bought food and cooked dinner with my roommate, a German student who’s interning here, my other roommate and one of our friends from the program. It was actually a really nice dinner. I ate chicken! It’s been a while since I’ve had a pure meat dish. Wait. No. I ate lamb curry at a Saigon restaurant. That was really good. There’s actually a pretty good amount of lamb to buy here. Might have to make some Irish stew sometime…

MORE IMPORTANTLY, we had another class about French culture. It was awesome. I didn’t realize just how much I missed learning facts and things until we started doing a really brief sketch of French history. I ate it up like crazy. I’ve actually never learned French history as such, just like the really important stuff here and there in relation to the rest of the world, but to learn about what was important for France…that was something really different and awesome.

I suppose I should also mention that we went back to the “Wohoo” because they had a foreign student night there. I finally got to meet and talk at length with some of the Californian students who are also studying abroad here. That was really nice actually. Oh. And I met a dude from Michigan who’s studying theology somewhere around here. He was a nice dude. I also met a British guy from London. That was an interesting conversation. He had a really thick accent and the music was loud, so I had to ask him to repeat several things. Apparently his parents live in France, but he and his sister didn’t really like it, so they went and go to school in Britain. Very interesting character. I’ll really have to put Britain on my list of places to go.

I’ve got a lot more, but not much time. Still no internet “chez moi,” so I only have an hour or two of it at a time. But, hopefully soon I’ll be able to speak with my friends and family in real time. Fingers and heart crossed. I miss them.


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