I am tired today. I’ve been running pretty hard for more than a week now and I just need time to sit and process all this. It’s getting pretty crazy. I mean, it’s just amazing how much can be different in a country other, but similar to your own. I am becoming less and less surprised over the development of different languages around the world. It’s just. The most basic norms are just slightly off. Like, you walk down the street and don’t look anyone in the eye. People don’t really wear wedding rings, so I never really know who’s been married and who’s single. If you don’t say “bonjour” to a shop vendor, they feel totally affronted. Like I have personally offended them simply ‘cause I didn’t wish them good-day. It’s so easy for me to just write this down, and honestly it has been fairly simple to adjust to, but that curious, intellectual part of me just wants to scream WHY?

And scream he does. But I haven’t been able to sit and think about everything. Or even get everything done. I’ve taken to adopting the very French attitude of letting things slowly get done over time instead of stressing out about specific times or dates (example: today we were supposed to resign the lease on the apartment with our new roommate…and our lender-dude was an hour and ten minutes, well. Not late persay, but not on time). But at the same time, I’ve kindof had to. Even on the days when I thought, “Oh, I’ll just sit and think and take an easy day,” I end up running all around the city. Haha. It’s just insanity.

And my new roommate loves to talk. He’s the reserved type who needs those moments of major discussion. Even when I need to do my homework. Like, as in, it’s sitting in front of me and I’m trying to read it. Great guy, just. This might get difficult for a bit.

On the plus side of things, I have a guitar!

His name is Guy. Because he’s kinda jank and kinda beautiful at the same time. I think I would really define him as “serviceable” but I’ve already fallen in love. Of course, I made the heart-shaped key for the D string cause, well, there wasn’t one. So he’s extra special. I’m just glad I have somewhere to put all my emotions. ‘Cause hell if they’re going to fit inside my head.


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