SO MUCH to do

Okay, I’m goin’ crazy, or starting to. There is so much stuff to do here. Which I realize is an absolutely wonderful problem to have (I know my camp counselor friends would agree with me there), but it’s starting to get just an itty bit ridonc. First of all, there are markets every day from like 8:30ish to noon. I have been to none of them because I have class from 9-1 every day except saturday, but this weekend we’re going on a class trip to Marseille (awesome), so I will continue to never have gone to the market.

The problem also comes with “going out.” All I wanna do right now is sleep after two weeks of waking up early and walking a mile to class (and, you guessed it, another mile back) every day. BUT we’ve now had our second birthday for the group, so out we go! Ha. It’s just insane. I keep wondering if I’m going to have time to slow for a bit. Even today we have an ambiguously titled “Acedemic Planning Meeting” for the next three hours. THREE! It’s Friday! I wanna go home! (and sleep). Okay. Enough complaints. I live in a really, really cool place. It’s so fantastic I literally cannot do everything there is to do. And that is really something.

As far as personal updates, I made some awesome chicken…well I would say it was a soup or stew, but after I put rice in it the water was pretty much gone and I don’t know what to call it anymore. BUT I made it with white wine (at the suggestion of my father. Wonderful suggestion. I’ve actually come to realize how lucky I am to have the kind of family I do, especially in regards to cooking. As difficult as it can be to feed myself, I haven’t made anything that didn’t taste good). I also got to Skype my best friend in Cairo. Overall, it was a very nice day. I continue to have the feeling that I really have made the right decision in coming here to France, which is very reassuring given the fact I still have about nine months left here. Ha. Awesome.

Love from France,


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