So I guess the last twenty-four hours have been a ball of insanity wrapped in a tidy bun of “there’s nothing I can do about this.” An American official has been killed in Libya over protests regarding a film someone was dumb enough to think was a good idea, much like every time someone decides it would be a really smart to burn the holy book of another religion and expect nothing at all to happen. Anyway, thank you America for once again being so willfully ignorant that you’ve endangered the lives of people in TWO embassies. ‘Cause guess what? The US Consulate in Egypt got stormed too. And believe it or not, I have a really good friend IN CAIRO. Yes, real people do travel.

I would also like to mention that Mitt Romney criticized Obama for sympathizing too much with the Middle Eastern community and not condemning the protests enough. In theory that might be a good point, but insulting a community and then telling them that they’re evil after they protest against an insult is not going to help, even if Romney is right. I think this is Romney’s greatest shortfall in all areas. Foreign diplomacy. Which, for those of us who actually like the rest of the world, is REALLY bad. Not great for foreign investment either.

At the same time I’m in a personal hole of frustration because of personal things I don’t need to go into. Obviously everything works out, but this is my day.

And while the world is falling apart, it’s misting here. Like legit misting. It’s like being at the grocery store when the mist things start in the fruits and veggies section. Except its all over. And really, really awesome.

So. World coming to an end. And the weather is chillin’. Haha. Maybe that’s my sign to relax.


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