The Middle East

As you all can probably tell, I’ve become absolutely obsessed with the Middle East protests recently. I’m sorry I haven’t reported much on my France life, HOWEVER, I assure you that this has really been the majority of my France life. Ha. I mean, I have multiple levels of interest in the region. Everything from human and cultural understanding to my best friend who’s over in Egypt. So, yeah. Lot’s of focus abroad for me.

However, here’s some kind of an update. I invited a friend over for dinner the other night and used a recipe I asked my dad to send me. Pork Medallions with Cherry-Pomegranate sauce. It’s delicious. Anyway, that went pretty well. Lot’s of talking and the whole “getting to know you” thing. I have now found a fellow guitar player and a fellow english/creative writing major. So that’s actually pretty cool.

Aside from that, our intensive french course finished today (thank the lord) and we could not go see Brave (Rebelle) because it only shows on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. And really…that’s about it. I mean. That I can think of. There will be a lot more about the Middle East posted here over the next few days, but I’m praying that things cool down soon. The whole situation just has made me very sad and dissapointed with many things. But also conscious and aware and, I don’t know, active. This whole thing has made me more certain than ever that I need to do something to help this kind of thing. And shown me just how big a project that really is.

But for now, it’s just me and France.

And lots of news.


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