An Update Update

Finally! A real update! haha this blog has gotten very active in the news/political realm lately and, Imma be honest, it’s probably not going to go back. HOWEVER, it shouldn’t get nearly as crazy as before. But I’ve decided to make it a goal to try and inform all you people of things I think are important, and that most Americans don’t hear anything about.

However, for updates. I caved and went college student: I purchased the cheapest vodka I could find yesterday. HOWEVER, what may surprise is that I found I like the taste. Mixed of course. Still, learning things all the time. Frankly, I didn’t know it was possible.

Today was much more exciting than that little tidbit. I woke up when I wanted to (never underestimate that little blessing) and then went to the market. It was awesome. There are just stalls everywhere stretching who-knows-where throughout the city. Literally, I would leave, turn a corner and guess what! more market!! It was awesome. There was even a guy turning a music machine, just like stereotypes! It was cool. Packets of paper with holes in them that somehow activated some kind of flute system that made really intricate, interesting (and frankly, kind of circusy) music. So that was cool. I bought whole nutmeg. Yeah. I know. I’m boring. BUT there really isn’t room in our fridge for anything and I overspent my budget anyway this week. So, I’m eating pasta and potatoes next week. Jk.

Except no, I actually will be.

After, I decided to try my hand at getting some pipe tobacco. And this is where the story gets good (as in bad). You see, one thing that everybody probably knows (or should know) is that the French are all about politeness. So, I go in and ponder over a bunch of tobaccos that mean absolutely nothing to me because they’re identified completely differently where I have gotten tobacco in the U.S. (I should probably add that I don’t really smoke that often. It’s pretty occasional thing, but even then you know, you actually have to have tobacco). So I finally pick one. When I ask if I can use a credit card the woman’s like “nope.” No big deal, but I’m still embaressed a little, cause now I have to go get cash (I was literally like one-two euro short. and here those are coins). SO I say “give me one minute” except…I used the informal “you” instead of the formal. Which means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know romance languages or languges where they use that, but here it’s actually insulting. So I have now insulted the woman. Awesome.

Quickly find an ATM and get the money (nbd) and come back. Pay for the stuff, THEN when she gives me change I go to just take it from her cause its two coins, but she goes to put it on the change plate. SO I basically ended up batting her hand and muddling the whole thing up. Awesome. Not knowing what else to do, I left.

And since I was feeling in a very literary mood (honestly I don’t know how at this point), I went to a cafe.

At which point I proceeded to insult the waiter by not saying “hello” back to him (that’s another big politeness thing). So that was good. To make up for it I said “Merci Monsieur” to be as polite as I possibly could when he brought me my espresso (that’s like the “coffee” here). And then I’m good right? Nope. To top it all off, the guy comes back and is like, “Can you pay the bill so I can go to the other side of the cafe and help them?” Yes. I most certainly can. Dang it! Haha. Could not win.

The rest of the day was great though. I DID get some really awesome writing done, I got to talk to my mom and my dad. I solidified a new friendship with a guy I met at the international bar and who happens to know another of my friends back home! But it’s good. I feel confident now. Confident I can make friends. Confident I can make a difference. Confident in my purpose again.


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