Where the Heart is

‘“What do you mean ‘smart’ course of action?” one protestor roars at Egypt Independent’s suggestion. “The film has already been made; it exists. Our only course of action is war, because this was an act of war.”’ -Quote from Egypt Independent News Article.

I’m starting to feel redundant and useless posting from France about events that are occurring in countries other than my own. However, I think this is important. And I think what I have to say is important. These protests have begun to lose focus, in my opinion. The people started at by being angry at perhaps one of the most offensive films I’ve ever heard of, and which certainly should never have been conceived of, let alone made. It is a testament to hate and stupidity, which is a terrible thing for an art form like film.

However, things have changed. It has evolved from an outrage over an insult of religion into something that is more like a mist than a clearly-definable head. It has the appearance of being religiously motivated, and yet observers of the protests have said things like this, reported from the same article, ‘To his left, his colleague asks, “What prophet? You think any of these people care about religion?” He turned to Egypt Independent and added, “You’d think these were the most pious people on Earth, but we were here for dawn prayers and we can tell you not a single one of them stopped throwing rocks long enough to pray.”’

I think right now what is happening is the true color of anger, pride and desperate circumstance. Egypt is a developing country with major problems of poverty, water, food and electricity. A lot of the countries in which major (okay, violent) protests have occurred have had major problems in recent history. Kartoum, Sudan: um…genocide and controversial elections over the succession of the south from the north. Tunisia: transitional, relatively unstable government after ousting a dictator. Libya: civil war to oust a dictator, Prime Minister appointed the day AFTER the protests began (thus, they have even less of a stable government than most of these other countries). And this is just to name a few.

This problem began because someone full of hate and malice made a film. But it has continued because no one else in the western world has helped these countries in ways they need to be helped. The U.S. has been responsible over the past several decades for putting dictators in power and even in keeping them in power. All because of “foreign interests.” You see, governments play and work with governments, not the people either side represents. Of course the people have to be taken into account (or you get things like the current protests), and this has been America‘s greatest foreign policy fault. Instead of taking an interest in the PEOPLE, we have taken an interest only in what benefits us. What is truly, terribly saddening about all this is how unnecessary it all is. If the U.S. government would try to help the PEOPLE and NOT the government of the people only, we would not have the dozens of deaths that have been reported by news agencies.

Of course, Paul Ryan says that the reason for all these protests is because Obama has not had enough “moral clarity and firmness of purpose.” While I would say, yes that may be true, I don’t think Paul Ryan has the same ideas about “moral clarity” that I do. When I say “moral clarity” I mean making it my number one priority to actually help people in countries. Mr. Ryan is more likely referring to the fact that the Obama administration hasn’t held onto Israel like a drowning man. “Moral clarity” means a lot more than just looking after the people you care about. “Moral clarity” means looking after everyone, because no one deserves to be treated as anything less than what they are: human.

But, I’m off the soapbox now. Here’s my music for you for the day. A wish, a hope, a prayer, a dream. Something. I believe it can change.


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