I be chillin’

Today is a relax day. Which is wonderful. I need one. A day without running all over town (fun, I know, but haha I’m definitely not a marathon runner), without alcohol (yes. It is a wonderful part of the culture and drinking in moderation has cardio-vascular benefits. But I’m not used to the consistent barrage of wine and beer that seems to be a really important, and actually pretty cool, part of this culture. Sidenote: cafés generally stop serving hot drinks past a certain hour. I’m not really sure when that is, but as early as 5pm (17h) they stop.). And best of all…well almost best of all…DOCTOR WHO!!! I started watching the new season last night (yes, I am a little behind the times on this one, but I AM in France people). It was AWESOME. “Asylum of the Darleks” was brilliant. I can’t wait for “Dinosaurs On a Spaceship” because Matt Smith‘s face in the trailer for it is indescribably awesome. I might mention that I absolutely love Matt Smith.

BEST OF ALL I still have crispy M&M’s!!! Haha. I don’t know if anyone understands the level of excitement I have concerning these things. I don’t get really passionate about small things usually, but this is definitely an exception. I may have to begin a lobby to bring them back to the States.

Tomorrow the game plan is to watch this movie. It’s called “Ce Que le Jour Droit à la Nuit” (what the day owes the night). It’s a film about Algeria in the 1930’s. There’s war, a love thing and who knows what else. But, it’s supposed to be really good. And it’s in French and NOT dubbed. So benefits. I was this close to watching Brave (Rebelle), but I think that woulda been real weird. ‘Cause it would have been dubbed in French.

Anyway, that’s about all I got. Oh. Going to GREECE!! Officially! With my best friend! I’m pumped. Super. Super. Pumped.

That’s what I got for now.


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