The First Day

So, I had my first day of classes today. Well. My first class I should say. In France they have their class only once a week…it’s just 3 hours long.

ANYWAY, first class: Translates best as “Sociology of the Town/City and Environment.” It’s a third year course (“license 3” basically it’s a course for what we would consider seniors in the States). I happen to be taking it with a girl from our program who is a sociology major (I’m not technically, but we’ll get into that later), so we went to class together. As expected, most of the class is French. What is a bit less expected is that there are only 19 people in the class AND another American. The professor asked us if his Italian accent bothered us, which I guess means that he either lives/lived close to Italy…or he’s actually Italian. In any case, he looks shockingly like the actor who plays Artie on Warehouse 13. It’s a little strange. Not gonna lie.

The class itself. Haha. Well, it was disturbingly similar to just any other U.S. class. We started with some general class introduction-type stuff (are you all soc. majors, are there other people here, nobody from this area? Okay.) and then started talking about the semester project that’s worth 60% of our grade (the other 40% is a final exam). Which is where I got lost. The problem is the professor and class were talking about a government project in Marseille that I am entirely unfamiliar with, nor do I know really anything about Marseille itself. So, while those two people (who always manage to get in the same class) who know (or think they know) a lot about things and have opposite viewpoints try to shout over each others opinions, I was totally lost. Haha.

However, when we had the “pause” (no, they don’t make you sit in class for three straight hours. There’s a fifteen minute break in there), my friend and I talked to the professor and he was all about making sure we followed alright. So good news! Our professor is frickin’ awesome! And after that it got a LOT better. Like different worlds worth of better. We started talking about just sociology stuff and THAT I could understand quite well. Although, definitely not perfectly. It’s going to take me the full year probably to be able to do that.

And tomorrow is another third year class that I think is best translated as something like “Sociology of Politics” but might be just “social politics” I’m really not sure. Ha.

We’ll see. I will have to drop two of my courses because I’m taking more than the University will allow. So we’ll see how it goes I guess. This is going to be just as hard as I thought though. Ha. Which is something of an unpleasant surprise.

Or perhaps pleasant. I think I need more French in my up-till-now very English existence.


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