Whenever I Want Home

I have a few things to do:

1) Listen to music. I don’t think I ever realized before experiencing homesickness just what the power of music is (France is far from my first trip round the block of being homesick).

2) Drink apple cider (when I can get it. This is just something that’s calming in general. Helped me get through the loss of my dog once).

3) Eat/Drink something bitter. I’m going to say alcohol is not what I’m going for here. In fact, for me it’s whole cinnamon and coffee. Sometimes in combination (as in cinnamon in the coffee).

4) Books. Should have put this higher on the list maybe, but there is nothing like the familiar smell of ink and paper to take you outside of yourself.

5) Guitar. Up with music, just singing it out. Yelling poetry at the silence in your room, feeling fully and deeply everything in your heart and taking the time to acknowledge and express it.

This place I am in. It’s beautiful. And what I’ve slowly begun to realize since I’ve been here, since I’ve spoken with my best friend in Cairo, since I’ve started listening to the beat of the world…what I’ve realized is that it’s all beautiful. We live in a field of flowers, a forest full of wonders you could hardly imagine, sunshine you would never expect. Sometimes there is fire, sometimes poison and disease. But you look around and it’s all so different and, really, full of life.


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