Adventures in Yonderland

A log of my adventures, both real and imagined.

Some New Experiences

So pretty much everything in France is closed on Sunday. Like almost literally. If you want to stay open, you have to pay a tax for it. So basically all that’s left are a few scattered mini-marts and restaurants. Which I actually really like, it’s cool to just have a day you know you don’t have to work on. HOWEVER, it is not so conducive for running out of clean clothes. This is where I found myself this morning.

SO, instead of braving the stench of my own clothing, I decided to try something my roommate has been doing: hand-washing my clothes. Boy is that a new one for me.

If you thought doing laundry for the first time was a challenge, you have not kneaded wet underwear in a sink. ‘Cause that’s really where it all gets interesting. Haha

I think this is one of the more unexpected adventures of my study abroad.


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