I may have possibly lied about giving a real update…I am incidentally leaving for Barcelona tomorrow morning at six! After waking up at four today that will either seem like nothing, or it’ll be awful! Haha. But, long story short, don’t know what internet is going to be like. SO. Possibly no updates ’till Sunday.

However. I promise I’ll give you all something good. With pictures.

And of course, a story.


Hotel Room Reflections

Yep. I’m sittin’ in a hotel room thinking about all the stuff that I’ve experienced over the last few days. And looking at myself, but that’s a lot less interesting to all you, possibly and probably, random people out there. To say it most simply: it’s been great. Not quite the grand ol’ adventure I was expecting, but it was still very nice. It was relaxing. In all honesty I think Athens is a great vacation place. But I’m also glad I only stayed four days. We really started running out of things to do in the city. Not that it isn’t cool, but it’s not like Paris or London. Not bad, just different. As I said, great vacation spot.

And I got to try for the second time in my life, a long string of just ethnic food. And I mean of like a single cultural identity. It’s really awesome to experience that. ‘Cause back home we cook multi-ethnically. Which, don’t get me wrong, is absolutely fantastic. But at the same time, I’ve never just eaten straight “Greek” food before. I’ve had lamb pitas and tzatsiki sauce and baklava and a few other things before, but not things like “Bandit Lamb” (basically a hobo dinner just with lamb, potatos, tomatoes and some other things), or “Mousaka” or “Pastitsio.” And that has been a real experience.

I almost miss not having that kind of cultural identity. My comfort foods I either can’t make (no oven, lack of ingredients, etc), or are just what I always do i.e. experiment with what vegetables you can throw in a pot and make good soup with. But I wouldn’t even know how to make “Mousaka” (really enjoyed that one). Come to think of it, I don’t know how to properly cook lamb either (which I imagine isn’t all that difficult, but still).

But so many cultures do have this strong tie to their land/nation/culture. And while I think being an American is definitely an identity, it is almost an identity of having no identity. It is a culture of possibility and individualism, of making your own choices and choosing your own path. And I LOVE that. I love that America has this cultural identity with being who you want to be. Because even if we screw up sometimes and try to be someone we aren’t, we were not forced there.

Although it would still be nice to have our own food (no McDonald’s does not count). 😉

The Prequel

Things are winding down here in Athens with only really half a day left. But! Still don’t have good internet, so here’s a brief peak at what’s gone down:

1) The Acropolis (Akropoli) -Really cool. Lots of old foundations.

2) The Temple of Poseidon

3) Greek (Turkish) Coffee (it’s lovely).

4) Greek wine -Lot’s of greek wine



Other than homework, this is what I did today:

Problem #1: The clothespins and some of my roommates laundry (and that old basil plant, but I’m not concerned with him) fell down onto the roof. Maybe I should explain and say we have to hang our laundry out the window.


Climb down and retrieve them. BOOM!

Victory! Please excuse my hair. I couldn’t get a good photo of myself because I was ON THE ROOF.

And that was my adventure. Successful too. Didn’t even die. Or fall off. Or break any tiles. Or lose more laundry off the line (next time I’m going to take it off…).

Don’t Mind Me, I’m just going to do some thinking

So you should read this article, because it’s very illustrative. It got me thinking, actually. Because, Murdock is actually right about something here. “I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

If you think about the logical conclusion of most “pro-life” supporters, this is really what you get. God intended it to happen. I should clarify too and say that Murdock is not at all saying God wants rape to happen, but it does raise an interesting theological issue to the fore: how much say does God have in birth and what is he saying about it? And what’s really interesting is going to be how people deal with what I think is going to become something of a religious crisis. Because everyone knows rape is bad and God is good, so what does it mean if God intended for the woman to get pregnant? God doesn’t like rape either. Okay good, logical God. Makes sense. But the next step: to get pregnant you need God, so God must have somehow given his approval for the pregnancy: problem. Logical problem, moral problem, etc.

What I think is going to happen rhetorically in the U.S. soon is that someone is going to try and explain either a) why God promotes rape pregnancies (that’s not going to go down well. at all.) or b) someone’s going to try and be a little more precise about how God is involved with pregnancy. And therein lies the real danger for more conservative Christians. Because if they distance themselves from this idea (which I think they will soon have to), they open a door to something that I think is a bit more extreme than it needs to be.

Because I’m not sure that the right question is being asked. The assumptions aren’t necessarily correct. However, I find it unlikely that the politicians who will likely lead the rhetorical backtrack on this issue will backtrack far enough and that could pose a major problem for God in the modern Christian sense. Because maybe if God isn’t so instrumental in abortion, what does he do exactly? I personally hope things don’t swing that way, and I suppose looking at it more closely it is more likely that these christian politicians will quietly change their opinion, whatever they believe about God’s influence on birth is or is not. But either way, I think this poses an interesting problem for the Christian church. A philosophical dilemma, if you will.

I’ve spent way too much time on this. I think I’m just avoiding homework. Oh boy.