I saw the moon for the first time since coming to France.

Yeah. It’s strange, but I think that’s just one of the things that can happen in the city. But I suppose before I go off on a long tangent about how awesome nature is, I should probably explain how I came to see the moon tonight. Because normal people are probably more interested in that adventure.

SO, the program I’m here with runs this dinner exchange thing that we can sign up to do. Basically, I go to a family’s house, teach their kid(s) English for like an hour/hour and a half and then they feed me and correct my French. Because I live in an apartment with other Americans, I decided this would be a good idea so that I don’t totally lose my ability to speak French while in France because to be perfectly honest, that would be very embarrassing.

ANYWAY, the family was freaking awesome. I can’t even describe. They were SO NICE. I’m super, super excited to be hanging out with them. And they fed me a full meal AND wine. Which I dunno, is just really cool. And I feel like that’s also the first time that I’ve had like an in-depth conversation with a French person about things that aren’t like “what’s your major?” “where do you live?” (Both questions, by the way, I REALLY don’t like. Because A) no one knows where Indiana is haha and B) not only is the major system different in France, I INVENTED MY OWN. How am I supposed to explain that concisely and in a way that everyone is going to understand? I can’t even figure out how to do that in English haha). But it was great.

And best of all: they live in the country. Well. As country as it gets near Aix.

But it’s beautiful. I mean, I’ve gotten really used to living in the city, but stepping outside like that…just makes my heart pine for green things. For trees and plants and the friends of the forest I’ve had to leave behind living in the middle of a city.

On the way home, through the branches of trees, above small swatches of farmland. That’s when I saw the moon.


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