Park Revelations

I was sitting in a park here called the “Parc Jourdan,” smoking a pipe and just thinking. Mostly about my life and my life in regards to women. In fact, pipe smoking is most common for me when women are on my mind. Today I realized why.

It’s relaxing. I think most people who smoke have realized this already. But I’m not sure they all realize what’s actually going on to make it so relaxing. I think there have even been studies suggesting that pipe tobacco smokers (note this is specifically talking about pipe tobacco smokers) may actually live longer or healthier than other people. That’s contentious of course, but I think there may be something to it.

You see, since you don’t actually inhale the smoke from a pipe, you have to control your breathing. More than that, pipes require a fair amount of concentration. If you pull too quickly and too often from the pipe, you’ll receive a chemical burn on your tongue. Not often enough and the ember will burn out because it isn’t receiving enough oxygen to upkeep itself (fire requires just the right combination of heat conservation and air). The result of all this is that your brain is occupied with slowing down: breathing, thoughts, body. And you end up meditating essentially. The small amount of nicotine absorbed by your skin I’m sure help with this, but really smoking a pipe almost forces you into a meditative-like state.

It’s interesting. And, as a result, I think I’ve got myself sorted out a little bit better. It can be too easy to become caught up in the now of my reactions to events and forget who I really am. My history. The whole of me and not just 20 year old Nathan who’s studying abroad in France.

You get better answers when you ask Yourself.

Disclaimer: I in no way mean to advocate the use of tobacco, nor imply that it is an activity that I take part of often. Any legal drug should be used in moderation and an understanding of its effects.


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