So Last Night

I went to a language exchange dinner that was hosted by a church. In a word, it was awesome. I met a girl studying her undergrad here in France who is from the Dominican Republic. I met some really cool French people and one girl who is studying alternately in France and Germany (go figure). The food was pretty good too. Salad, some weird cooked chicken paste thing (I make it sound awful, but the thing was delicious, especially with the roast vegetables, apples and rice) and really delicious fruit for dessert. I think I’m going to meet some pretty cool people there.

I also went to the supermarket to buy food because I managed to run out (this is what happens when you buy 4 euros worth of groceries). AND I caved and just bought boxes of cookies. Haha but they’re SO GOOD. It’s non of that super-sugar, super-fat stuff. Uh-uh, this is like animal cracker-type wafer thing with milk chocolate on top.

And paprika pringles. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s a trap. It. Is. A. Trap.

Luckily I need food. Lots of food.


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