Unexpected Experiences I Should Have Expected

Quite the title. No, but really. Today I went to class, just like I do every day. It’s great because in this class, there are three whole people that I know and who are from my study abroad program. AND we have all three classes together (which, by the way, combine for a total of 7 hours of class today).

HOWEVER, the nonsensical French administrative system has struck again, this time me. Because I am not signed up for one of the courses. Despite the fact that I DID sign up. The numbers changed and everything. SO I was left alone in a class I may or may not actually be signed up for (hopefully I’ll get to sign myself into the class with my friends) and had to listen to “how to properly write a critical essay.” Which would be great if I was like the French people in the class and hadn’t already been extensively trained on how to do just that. I’M AN ENGLISH MAJOR haha, that is almost literally all we do. Needless to say, I was bored out of my mind (as was, apparently, the French dude sitting next to me. He was literally nodding off. We were sitting in the front row).

On the up side, this same professor mistook me for a European. Boo. Yah.

We also got to do more acting today in my French Oral Expression class. It was a lot of fun. I think I’m getting better at acting. Or maybe just more comfortable. I don’t know, but it’s good at least to know that something is improving.

I’m kidding. I’m learning things. Really. Just been a rough week in class.


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