That Feeling You Get When You Learn Something Without Looking For It

So today was interesting. For a variety of reasons. First, I went to the market and paid 2 euro for like a full day/meals worth of food. Still can’t get over that, it’s just too awesome. Second, I watched/finished that show I have been rather obsessively viewing, baccano!. And strangely enough, I learned something. Something important.

You see, most people go through their hard-core self-discovery phase in high school. They rebel against ideals, ideas, rules, whatever. I should say that I’m really over-generalizing here. But that’s the stereotype and, to an extent, that’s very true. I didn’t really go through that. I mean, I did, but it wasn’t revolutionary. Not even close.

So here I find myself. Two years of college that have begun a search for what I really do believe. Who I am going to be, what I’m going to agree with. It’s gotten progressively stronger until I’ve been put into a place where I have questioned everything I can think of.

And that doesn’t really help you a lot with the whole “identity” thing. I mean, if you question the most core parts of your belief…it can be hard. Especially when every decision I make regarding what I want to do with my life has the potential to drastically affect the rest of my life, so what if I make a mistake? I mean, that’s the fear, isn’t it?

But I watched this show, which was awesome, and it answered my question. The question I’ve been asking this whole time, “what is most important?” Because if I know the answer to that question, I will know who I need to be. And that show, through some miracle, provided the answer. I will share it with you.

First: Be good. Be a good person. Be a “good-guy.”

Second: Be happy. Smile. Enjoy. That’s what life is all about.

Third: Protect the Good. Protect what is Good. In such cases it is okay to lay everything on the line for good people and for Good itself.

Fourth: Protect those weaker than you. Because who else is going to?


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