I’m Living in New Zealand

So back when we were taking our prep classes for French University survival, we talked about the fact that while the French take lots of vacation (minimum of five weeks, but more often it can be up to nine), they don’t travel abroad as most other Europeans. Why do you ask?

IT’S BECAUSE THEY HAVE FRICKING EVERYTHING! Haha it’s like the New Zealand of Europe. Literally, though. Let me just kind of lay this out for you.

1) France is the only European country to remain 100% agriculturally self-sufficient.

2) The climate of France ranges from Mediteranean, to more British-islesy, to German.

3) Not only are there Mountains (yes, the Alpes are included, as well as the Pyrénes), there are also large amounts of countryside and flat land. Oh. And lots of beaches. And lots of different kinds of beaches. There’s everything from cold and rainy Brittany beaches to the dry, warm Mediteranean beaches of the south of France. They also have “Calanques” these fjord-type things.

4) And they have castles. SO MANY CASTLES.

5) And they have both the Louvre (one of the largest and most visited museums in the world) and the Musée D’Orsay.

6) D-Day Beaches

7) Megaliths. Yep. Not just in Britain my friends. There are hundreds of these things in North-Western France.

8) Adventure activities ranging from Bungee Jumping to Hang-Gliding. And hiking obviously. You know. ‘Cause mountains.

9) I almost forgot! Roman ruins! There’s loads of them, especially in the south.

So yeah. That’s what I discovered while looking at what I want to do in France. Is a year enough? No. Not unless I took that whole year to run around and do all that crazy stuff.



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