Diary, C.M. Pine

11 October 2012

Today was quite an adventure. I cannot say that I knew exactly what I was getting into before coming here, to this country. But I can see now what my purpose is here. There is so much to learn, even though I have been here for a month already. The culture I have acclimated to, but there is so much more! To learn! To discover! It is incredible and I never thought that there could be so much the same and different at the same time. Even the goblins are different here. They’re rudimentary culture. The customs and traditions are not quite the same.

I have made friends with some of the other adventurers here, which will help with our task. It is no easy thing to help another people defend themselves against the evil of the world and I will need all the help I can get. Today was an excellent example.

We went out on an exploratory hike to learn a little more about the goblins. It was a simple enough operation and we didn’t expect to run into any major trouble. Of course, this is not at all what happened.

When we arrived at the goblin camp, we found it empty. Entirely empty. We waited and searched, but there was no sign of the goblins anywhere. I decided to go and investigate the town. My fellows tried to dissuade me, but in the end we agreed that it was safe enough so long as they took the position of lookout for me.

I am truly glad they did. The camp was deserted. Not long deserted either. And things were not strewn about in a manner that suggested they weren’t coming back either. So where were they? I quickly rushed to my companions and told them. We decided that perhaps they were mounting an attack and had best run back to town.

On our way back we heard the sounds of a large procession, so we hid. But then we also heard horses. We were confused because goblins do not ride horses, but we waited. Soon we saw who was coming. Goblins.

And the Governor, flanked by his personal guards. The goblins were carrying items with them. Everything from weapons to food to treasures. The leader talked as amicably as a goblin can with the Governor. We waited until they passed and then shared our observations.

We are sure the Governor is planning something with the Goblins. But we do not know what. What is certain, however, is that something must be done.

Perhaps the Hôtel de Ville has something to offer.


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