Things I Saw Today

1) Cute Dogs (normal, those guys are everywhere)

2) Headless Pigeon (not normal. In fact, creepy. Very creepy)

3) An Old People Fair (maybe normal? But I’m not sure there should ever be a sign that says “constipation and circulation” as if those two things are intimately related, because there’s no way I want the image of poo in my blood floating around in my head.)

4) My Momma 🙂

5) Shark (I ate it. It was REALLY good. Interestingly enough, we went to a Chinese resturaunt. In France. Go figure.)

6) Sherlock (BBC Miniseries. Very good. You should watch it.)

Quote of the night (said by me): “I would, but I’m off cargo pants…” Yep. Cargo pants are a drug now.

Good night all. Sleep well. Dream about something beautiful. Something you would never let yourself dream awake. Something with rainbows and the possibility of Unicorns.

Because why not?


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