Sudden Realization

Alright, this may bot be pertinent at all for most of you, but as far as life experience, study abroad and what this whole adventure is all about, I think this IS important.

I was reading an article by one of my friends about her experience studying abroad and how she doesn’t want to leave and could spend many more years living there, and I came to a sudden realization.

I don’t place value on place, on location. I like certain aspects of the climate or whatever, but there are few places that actually mean anything to me. And they all have something in common: friends and family. Indiana is a beautiful state, but the only value I place on it is the people there. Kentucky is the stat I was born in and while I have a certain pride and love for the state, it’s not that it’s even Kentucky. I’m simply proud of where I was born. It’s like, I love Kentucky for the same reason I love my birthday.

But here’s the thing, and it’s something I’ve struggled with for years. I don’t have a “home” in the sense that “home” is a locality. My apartment in France is no more a home than a campsite. Yes, I like it and it is comforting to have a shelter, but it is not a home. Nor is my campus back in the states. Nor, I think, is any one place. And that’s what is interesting for me. “Home is where the Heart is” is as true as it is an enigma.

But you see, what I’ve learned now is that it doesn’t matter where I am. It matters what there is to see and learn. It matters who is here with me, or who is not. What matters above all else is where my thoughts have decided to land.


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