Diary, C.M. Pine

17 October 2012

Since we discovered the governor working with the goblins, we have not known what to do. Certainly something must be done. The man is a tyrant to begin with, but the people here are not fighters and the small group of adventure students at university would never been enough. So our group has decided to investigate. It is dangerous work, but we have already learned much.

There is a resistance based outside the city in a town called Aving. It’s a beautiful little town full of old buildings and very close to the agricultural community. So much less attached to the city life. The governor of course knows about this little group and that’s where all the trouble is. The people around the city have been gaining in power. So much so that soon they will be able to resist the governor and form some kind of autonomy. Obviously, the governor doesn’t want that.

From what I’ve been told, the governor plans to help the goblins raid the towns and weaken their numbers and supplies. The goblins, poor beasts, don’t see what he’ll do to them after. Clara is coming with her report. Peter and I will have to listen to it now and find more about this situation.


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