Paris and a Good Day

So tomorrow I’m headed of to the City of Lights: Paris. I’m taking Ryanair which I’ve never done before, so I’m a tad nervous but, let’s be honest. It’s Paris!

Until I actually get to tell you about my super awesome Paris adventures, I’ve got some lovely things for y’all to listen to. Also, when did I start using “y’all” constantly?


Some stuff

Well, as the Egypt* collapses around one of my best friends, I can proudly the other has possibly come to my aid. Let me just briefly say that one of the most difficult things about studying abroad is what happens when you get back. In this case, housing. Because I can’t a) go find a place to live (although thanks to the internet I can help a bit), b) meet a possible roommate or c) negotiate with people I was hoping to room with so everyone’s hunky-dory. Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about that.

ALSO of note, scheduling round two. Oh yes. It’s just as much of a nightmare as round one. Except this semester the classes are better! AND I will not be taking clinical psychology because now I know what I’d be getting into and no thank you.

For those of you who don’t know anything about John Green or Crash Course World History, I’m currently obsessed. Not just because the man is hilarious, but because it’s really good History. Really. Remember all the stuff you learned about how awesome China or the Middle East was once? No? Yeah, exactly. You should check it out.

Oh look! I even made it easy!

Another obsession y’all may be interested in is this beautiful gem:

I should mention I didn’t start with #1 because you can see the title which has a curse word in it and being an open internet forum of sorts, I thought I’d make a toss at responsibility despite the fact that I’ve just posted a video of drunkenness…my priorities my be slightly out of order, but I do what I can.

And lastly, it is my favorite time of year. A time that only beats Thanksgiving because I can play the theme-song for a whole month and not be considered strange or out of place: Christmas. And props to my family for helping me feel a little more at home. Love you guys.

*This is a drastically oversimplified statement with many complicated aspects I’ve chosen not to delve into, partly because I’ve been told that media sources aren’t very accurate in the reporting of the current events in Egypt and partly because to assume I know what’s even remotely going on in Egypt is really arrogant and Western of me and I’d rather not.

Thanksgiving: Round Two

So last night I went to a great program called “La Cave” which is an international exchange program hosted by a catholic church and which takes place…wait for it…in an old olive cave. And when I say “cave” I do mean “cave.” This thing is really tight. It’s artificially made, but the place has to be hundreds of years old. I’m pretty sure there’s some gypsum seeping out of the walls. Wow. Tangent.

ANYWAY, they had their Thanksgiving dinner last night and as part of it they did two special things: 1) A friend of mine and I were asked to present on Thanksgiving to kind of explain what it’s all about. Because, as I said before, people outside the US really don’t understand. 2) Everyone was asked to write something they were thankful for on a post-it and then put it on the wall around a nicely-made turkey decoration.

And I was really struck by something. The girl I was siting next to wasn’t “croyant” which is a much more beautiful way of saying that she doesn’t really do the whole God/religion thing. And this is actually pretty common in France. Two world wars on your home turf really doesn’t help your faith in God. But what I found interesting was that she was like “I don’t know what to say on my post it.” And I just looked at her. Because for me, giving thanks is about as easy as breathing. I mean. Right now I’m awake, alive, have access to food and water, am in France, have a loving and largely healthy family…the list goes on. But it made me wonder if maybe there are a few things in religion that people miss out on when they skip it. Being thankful sounds strange to a “non-believer” because, well, who are you thanking? But being appreciative of what you have and recognizing what is truly wonderful in your life. That’s a wonder I don’t think people should skip on.

For My Theatre Friends

So apparently actors in France will come on the stage, do their bow, leave AND THEN COME BACK ON over and over again until you stop clapping. Why? Not sure, but supposedly the more times they come back out the better you like the show(?). Anyway, makes for a very tired set of hands when you have a good play (“The Glass Menagerie” in this case) and some good actors.

Having a “Ball”

So yesterday I went to a ball.

Okay, it wasn’t quite a “ball” in the traditional sense. Actually, it was like a club. Except it was spread out over the campus of a school. I think there were six rooms with different music? Live Rock, “Disco,” traditional “club” music, salsa and honestly that’s as far as I got. BECAUSE, the live rock was TOO COOL. I’m not sure I can express how much fun it was to listen to French people playing “Sweet Child of Mine.”

Which leads me to my next tidbit: The weirdest stuff that happened to me last night (least to greatest, of course).

1) Old people. Yeah. So there were a lot of like, adults there. Like A LOT. I saw a gray-haired man in the Club room. Which was just kind of like, “Um…okay.” It’s France. Go figure.

2) Peeing in public. Yeah, so before y’all freak out let me just say that this is what happened. They had like this bathroom hut with tarps in the back of it that were pretty open. But you’d just walk to the back, walk up to this wall of falling water and, well you get the idea. So strange.

3) The nipple guy. So we were dancing in the Disco room and this guy just comes through and on his way past, twists my nipple and tells me I’m cute. I will say it took me a good five minutes to replay what he said to figure out that he said “mignon,” so much confusion. One minute I’m being polite, the next there’s a man touching my chest. I still have no idea how he was that accurate.

4) The french girls I was dancing with started making out with each other. I was just kind of like…well this is awkward. Now what am I supposed to do? I should also mention at this point in the night our group had gotten separated. So I was just like…um…and left to go find some friends to dance with haha.

5) And my favorite one of the night: French people singing “Stand By Me.” Wins the competition for both weirdest and best. So much great.

And that was my night. Spent dancing away with some really cool people. It was a lot of fun. I even made a friend just waiting in line to get in. Oh. And I got to dress up.