The Catch Up Adventures: Day 1 Athens

I am alive, well and full of stories I haven’t been able to tell due to a lack of internet! BUT you won’t get all of them at once! Oh no. Over the course of the next week, I’ll be posting a recap of everything from Greece to Spain. And I might also tell a small tale involving a lonely little apple.

My arrival into Athens might be said to be something of an adventure in and of itself, or at least, it was entertaining.

To start with, my flight was at 6:40am leaving from the Marseille airport (MRS if you wanted to know. I’ve now memorized it from all the flight research I’ve done over the past few months). This normally wouldn’t be any kind of issue. At home I’d just complain about getting up early and then I’d head off to the airport, Mom or Dad accompanying right up until (or even through) security.

Not this time. I have no car abroad, so my only option left was to either take the train or the bus to the Marseille airport. I decided the 4:50am bus would have to work because there wasn’t an earlier. That got me to the airport at 5:20. Awesome. I love cutting things close (I really don’t).

So I got up at 4:00, left the apartment by 4:15 and walked through the rain to the bus station by 4:30. And then waited. Alone. Huddled under a food stand. Words cannot express how happy I was to get on that lovely heated bus.

Anyway, I got to the airport and got checked in by 6 (and got to listen to a Croatian man and a woman from London talking). I only waited about 10 minutes before they called for boarding and I took a shuttle to the plane.

Once in Athens, I grabbed up my suitcase (checked the bottle of champagne I took with me. It was fine), and tried to figure out where to meet my best friend from Cairo! It was so exciting. I couldn’t help but smile when I found her. Picking someone up at the airport I feel like is always like, really exciting. It’s like Christmas except you don’t know if it’s going to happen or not.

Anywho, we adventured through Athens looking for our hotel and, after a kind security woman on a bike helped us, finally found the lovely Hotel Aristoteles. And then came the great exploration of the city which was interesting. I love being in cities that just have old stuff scattered throughout the city. And that is definitely what Athens is.


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