Catch-Up Adventures: Day 2 Athens

THIS was a great day. We went to the Acropolis (Acropoli). Students in the EU get in free (that’s me!) so that was nice. The acropolis is really an interesting place because. Well. At first it just kinda looks like a bunch of rocks.

But as you get higher up the mountain/hill you start to see more intact things. A definable pillar, some carving, etc. Then you come across the Theatre of Dionysus and it’s like “hey! I actually know what that is!”

Of course, nothing on the way really compares to the top.

There’s the Parthenon, in all it’s mostly-destroyed glory.

And the fairly intact Temple of Athena (which I actually thought was cooler).

See what I mean? Although I guess the temple of Athena didn’t have a smashed horse head carving on it. But anyway, it was all really cool. Afterwords, we got some Greek Coffee, which is exactly like Turkish coffee, they just hate(d) the Turks after they invaded. And then there’s that whole Cyprus thing. Regardless, that coffee was GOOD. Love it.

We also went into the Acropolis Museum which I don’t really have photos of because they weren’t allowed, but all the same it was pretty cool. Definitely worth going to check out. All of it is. And the restaurants that way are actually pretty good. Especially for coffee. Just a great place to sit and watch people. Just make sure you go to a comfy chair café. That’s always the key I’m learning.


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