2012 Presidential Election

Last night, I went to a “party” to watch the 2012 Presidential election. I’ve never had an experience quite like it. It was just incredible. I sent in my absentee ballot weeks ago now, the dice for me were cast a long time ago. All that remained was to wait. And drink. And shisha. Haha but BOY did I have to wait. No election results even started to come in until midnight here in good ol’ France. As a result we watched a lot of Jon Stewart and Colbert. And laughed haha.

But once the numbers started coming in, we watched them like hawks. Nothing would even be happening and conversations would just stop. It’s like the Super Bowl except, instead of watching people hitting each other and throwing a ball, we watched percentages and numbers change, states turn blue or red and electoral votes counted.

And every moment made me proud to be an American. For perhaps the first time this study abroad and I’m not saying I haven’t always been proud on that account, but this time. This time I was reveling in the full glory of it.

You see, America will always be about Freedom. Come what may, that value is at the core of our being as a country and I think it will always surge against the attempts to quench it. I realized last night that America is a christian nation. It’s founding principles are, essentially, Protestant. But America is NOT a fundamentalist nation, and I think this is where the Republican party has gotten it wrong recently. Because the truth of it is that America is about FREEDOM. And it always has been. And even if it might take us a while to get there. Freedom is always going to hold true. The religious right might threaten the rest of us with this bill or that bill limiting gay rights, women’s rights, religious rights, whatever. But if you look at Todd Akin, Richard Murdock and the newly-elected, first openly-gay senator for Wisconsin.

You can see that Freedom is going to win.


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