One Thing I’ve Learned

One thing I’ve learned in life and in this study abroad is an idea I’ve thought a lot about. Joseph Conrad said, “We live as we dream, alone” but I don’t agree with that. I will say, however, that no one walks the same path.

But instead of being something bad, instead of taking that as some set of impossibilities, I’ve come to realize what it means. Each of us gets to choose who we are. Each of us is blessed with our own experiences, our own stories, our own smiles. Our very own smiles. Think about that. Isn’t it wonderful? Just my smile.

And yes, we meet people who we share the road with. Sometimes to share a meal, sometimes a particular turn, and sometimes the whole rest of the journey with. But even then, you cannot walk in the space someone else is occupying. Even then, your path is your own.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t smile and share it. And that. That is something worth walking for.


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