Lost and Found

Last night I got lost in a part of Aix I had never been to before while walking a girl home (dark and late are not female-friendly conditions). Okay, technically it was after, but “peu import” doesn’t matter. ANYWAY. It was okay for a bit, I was my normal, calm self. Until it kept continued getting closer and closer to 3am. And I had to pee so bad. Quickly turned into a nightmare.

I literally had no idea where I was and no idea of how to find my way back. I would walk down a street I thought “maybe this is it,” then run back when it became apparent that wasn’t it.

And I saw NO ONE. Not a single person. It was dark, I was lost, alone and in the dark.

I kept my head, though (although I was a tad bit freaked, cold and tired) and managed to stumble onto the way back (almost literally. I was going down an unfamiliar road that suddenly slipped into a familiar one. Thank God. Literally.)

But it reminded me of an experience I had this past spring for a wilderness survival class. Our teachers made us walk back to our tents in the dark without flashlights, knowing we would likely get lost. In fact, that was the point. To understand that and to become more aware of your surroundings. But I have to say. Being in the woods lost with a group of people around. Is a lot less scary than being completely alone. Well-light though the streets of Aix may be.

But you know what? I learned too that the only thing there is to do is keep trying. Keep trying until you get it right. ‘Cause what else are you going to do?


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