Diary, C.M. Pine

20 October 2012

We have gone into town to meet with the resistance. It was an annoying and dangerous task. Each of us had to go in at intervals so it took nearly three hours to be together inside. Clara went in first since they had already met her, then I went, then Peter. When I finally got in they had already started explaining to Clara about the situation. They had intelligence that the Governor was going to make a move very soon. Within a week. No one was ready. Not the city members, nor the villagers. That is, of course, what the Governor wants, but there must be a way to delay him.

Peter finally arrived and we filled him in on what was going on.

“So we need a delay?” he said, “I’ve got just the thing.”

We were amazed that Peter would have something so ready, especially given that Peter isn’t known for being “the planner” (not to say he isn’t a leader or intelligent, it’s just the way it is). He quickly explained.

“I’ve been working with the smiths mostly at school, that’s what I decided to specialize in. The Governor’s plan relies on a special order I haven’t been informed about, but I could probably put a few chinks in their work plan all the same. Might buy us a week at least.”

“That would help,” said Raymond, the leader of the resistance, “but we will need something to distract them for longer.”

“I’ll take care of it,” I said, “One way or another. If nothing else, it’ll buy us time to come up with another distraction.”

“You are sure you can come up with something?”

“Absolutely. In the meantime, there will be members of our school here to help prepare you all. Even if we can buy some time, it won’t be much.”

“Very well. I will trust you.”

We talked more about supplies they needed. Mostly food and weapons, but they are all much more easily acquired than time.

And time is the most precious of all.


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